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Animal Kingdom

Animal Kingdom (David Michôd, 2010) Guy Pearce, Ben Mendelsohn, Joel Edgerton, Luke Ford, Jacki Weaver; crime; won ten awards at the AFIs 2010

Having watched Animal Kingdom for the third time, I was at a loss to imagine how a first-time writer-director could make such an accomplished film. I wrote in November 2010 that it was difficult to imagine anything else winning Best Film at the AFI Awards 11 December 2010. It won much more than that—deservedly.

Andrew Urban:
Smoking with the embers of yesterday's newspapers with headlines of Melbourne's underworld killings, Animal Kingdom is a superbly written and crafted crime drama - the kind that Australians are well accustomed to making ... for television. It's a pleasure to see an Australian genre movie in which story and character are given equal importance and are so well defined and delivered. Urban Cinefile.

David Stratton:
It's so lovely to see a really good Australian film. And we're not admiring this because it's an Australian film, because it's a very good film. Four and a half stars from me, too. At the Movies, ABC TV (transcription)

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