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Australian Rules (Paul Goldman, 2002) wr. Phillip Gwynne (novel Deadly, Unna?), Paul Goldman, dp Mandy Walker; Nathan Phillips, Lisa Flanagan, Simon Westaway, Luke Carroll, Kevin Harrington, Martin Vaughan, Liz Black, 98 min., national release 29 August; Best Screenplay Adapted from Another Source AFI Awards 7 November 2002

... while the film's sensibility is clearly anti-racist, the subtleties in scripting and editing lift it above posturing, laboured if enlightened politics. Faultless performances from all and unsentimental direction give the film a raw edge that makes this a Bloody Mary cocktail of sweet comedy and fiery drama ... Andrew L. Urban, Urban Cinefile.

Another take on non/Indigenous cultural collision, this offers (tho only superficially) the possibility of conciliation.

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