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The Avenger

Avenger, The (A. R. Harwood, 1937) New Era Film Productions, wr. Bert Hollis, dp Arthur Higgins, Tasman Higgins; 55 mins; Douglas Stuart, John Fernside, Karen Greyson, Marcia Melville, Marshall Crosby, George Lloyd, Raymond Longford, Pat Twohill, Jim Max, Albert Callanan, Reg King, Jack Couver, Val Atkinson, Fay Revel, Winnie Edgerton, Rae Maurice, Jeanne Battye, Mardy Harwood, 'Tich' Irvine, Midge Harwood; the film survives

Pike & Cooper: :
A reformed thief marries a wealthy socialite but is bedevilled by a former accomplice who tries to frame him for murder.
This static and rather confusing melodrama was produced by a Melbourne company but shot in Sydney, largely in the National Studios, Pagewood, in October and November 1937. Assembled with great rapidity, it was ready for a trade preview in Sydney on 17 December. Distribution was arranged through a small Sydney exchange, Atlas Films, but although it was registered as a New South Wales quota production, no release followed in major centres. Early in 1938, British rights were purchased by Columbia for a sum amounting to nearly half of the productlon cost. Pike & Cooper: 179.

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