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Bad Behaviour

Bad Behaviour (Joseph Sims-Dennett, 2010) John Jarratt, Lindsay Farris, Robert Coleby; thriller

I guessing that Joseph Sims has recently had some training in film-making, maybe made a short film or three, and now this is his first feature-length outing: Bad Behaviour (2010). And like a lot of young film-makers it’s occurred to him to make a film of a very specific genre, involving zombies, vampires, or in this case splatter. He’s the writer, exec producer, and director. And he’s been fortunate in somehow getting some names to go with his unknown younger cast: Tarantino’s favourite antipodean actor John Jarratt, with Jean Kittson as his wife, and Roger Ward as a big bad guy (surprise!) The story makes little sense. It’s impossible to work up any sympathy for any character, and everyone kills everyone else: The End. Apparently it was shown at the Hole in the Head Fest stateside, which resulted in a review in Variety! The reviewer quite liked it! However, the guy at didn’t:

Rob Getz:
… Sims just may have a passable picture in him somewhere. But, not this picture. Bad Behaviour is still touring Australia and Europe aboard the film festival circuit on what yours truly can only assume is Jarratt’s name recognition alone.  I will say this for the film, less a decoration than a contemplation.

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