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Below The Surface

Below The Surface** (Rupert Kathner, 1938) Australian Cinema Entertainments, wr. Rupert Kathner, story Stan Tolhurst, dp Tasman Higgins; Phyllis Reilly, Neil Carlton, Stan Tolhurst, Jimmy McMahon, Lawrence Taylor, Reg King; c. 55 mins

Two miners compete for an important coal contract. One of them threatens violence and uses sabotage in an attempt to ruin the opposition but eventually fails.
Shooting began in November 1937 with locations at Cronulla and in the Newcastle coal-mining area. Studio scenes, including the interior of the mine (a large set constructed by Kathner and Tolhurst themselves), were filmed at National Studios, Pagewood. By February 1938 shooting had been completed and an early release was promised. The film, however, failed to win registration as a New South Wales quota production, and its financial backer, a prominent music house in Sydney, decided to withhold it from public screening. Pike & Cooper: 184.

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