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Betty Blokk-Buster Follies

Betty Blokk-Buster Follies (Peter Batey, 1976) aka Betty Blockbuster Follies; prod. Eric Dare; a Reg Livermore production, Musical Director: Mike Wade; 120 min. colour; Reg Livermore, the Baxter Funt band, the Reginas

This film record of Reg Livermore's popular one-man stage show was photographed in the Bijou Theatre, Balmain, in Sydney, late in 1975. Apart from a few shots of the audience in the theatre and of Livermore making up and waiting in the wings, it concentrates on his stage performance as he presents a series of comic and sad character sketches and songs, accompanied by the five-piece Baxter Funt band and the vocal trio, the Reginas. The characters include the bare-bottomed Betty Blokk-Buster, a German parlour-maid who entertained the troops during the war; an old man who recalls his youth as a fashionable male model; and Vaseline Amalnitrate, a football star who joins the Australian Ballet. Opening at the Village Twin Cinema, Brisbane, on 6 July 1976, the film was shown widely around Australia but did not attract the popularity of the stage show.

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