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Bloody Hell

Bloody Hell (Alister Grierson, 2020) wr. Robert Benjamin; Ben O'Toole, Meg Fraser, Caroline Craig, Matthew Sunderland, Travis Jeffery, Jack Finsterer, Meg Fraser, David Hill; dark comedic thriller; Ben O’Toole stars as Rex Coen, an American with a mysterious past who lives in Boise, Idaho who decides to escape from his own personal hell by fleeing to Helsinki where life just gets worse. The producers said: “What would happen if a character like John Wick walked into the home of a deranged family with dark secrets? This film aims to show audiences that exact answer on a unique ride. The film starts with a bang, a few bangs actually, then keeps the twists and turns coming. Hopefully audiences have strapped themselves in and are ready for a ride, because if not, they are going to be thrown from their seats.”

Garry Gillard | New: 23 June, 2020 | Now: 23 June, 2020