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Blue World Order

Blue World Order (Ché Baker, Dallas Bland, 2017) Jake Ryan, Billy Zane, Bruce Spence, Jack Thompson, Stephen Hunter, Bolude Fakuade, Billie Rutherford, Kendra Appleton; martial arts scifi

I made a page for this film simply because I wanted to include a little bit of one IMDb user's response. It's an unusually long 'review' in which he heaps shit of all kinds of it.

Everything is wrong with this movie ... [15 paragraphs] ... Just because you filmed this in Canberra, doesn't mean I am going to let this movie and its faults slip by... But hey, Che Baker and Dallas Bland actually made a film, and that's more than I can say about a lot of people who have half baked ideas for what they want to do and never actually accomplish it. So even though this film is a flaming dumpster fire, at least it exists, and at least it looked like they had a lot of fun making it, so good on em, but still: 1/10.

I assume it was an act of charity on the part of Bruce Spence and especially Jack Thompson to appear in it. Surprisingly, Baker is getting to make another feature: States of Mind.

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