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Boundaries of the Heart

Boundaries of the Heart (Lex Marinos, 1988) prod. Patric Juillet, wr. Peter Yeldham, music Sharon Calcraft, dp David Sanderson & Geoff Simpson; Wendy Hughes, John Hargreaves, Norman Kaye, Julie Nihill, Max Cullen, Michael Siberry, John Clayton; stranded in a small WA township, a 40-year-old spinster struggles with her sexual frustrations; Patric Juillet is husband of Hughes, who gets ass. prod. credit; filmed in Coolgardie WA; 99 min.

This has one of the strongest casts ever assembled for a film made in Western Australia.* As far as I can tell they are well directed by Lex Marinos, who has worked in more films as an actor than as a director. Wendy Hughes and John Hargreaves are always good, as are Max Cullen and John Clayton, but Norman Kaye here looks like he's actually playing a character, which is unusual. Peter Yeldham's overweening title gives a hint of the melodrama (in the pejorative sense) he has written, and his screenplay is competent (I'm feeling benevolent) but does not aspire to art.

(*In the Winter Dark is a competitor.)

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