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BoyTown (Kevin Carlin, 2006) wr. Mick Molloy, Richard Molloy; prod. Mick Molloy, Greg Sitch, FFC, Film Victoria funding; Mick Molloy, Glenn Robbins, Wayne Hope, Bob Franklin, Gary Eck, Sally Phillips; Benny G, singer-turned-teacher, wants one more crack at success in the music world; 1980s band reunion

I think this was probably actually really good. Those guys are all old pros at doing that sort of thing. And the Molloys’ lyrics for the songs are pretty damn clever. But I’m afraid I was only mildly amused. It’s so hard to do comedy, and almost impossible to be original.

While applauding the slightly riskier aspects of the material - especially the black ending, even if it's tinged with pastel - it is difficult to applaud for its entire running time a comedy that so resolutely avoids making connections with reality. Andrew L. Urban, Urban Cinefile.

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