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Bran Nue Dae

Bran Nue Dae (Rachel Perkins, 2009) stage musical by Jimmy Chi et al., screenplay by him with Reg Cribb and Rachel Perkins; Phillip Rocky McKenzie, Geoffrey Rush, Ernie Dingo, Deborah Mailman, Ningali Lawford, Missy Higgins, Tom Budge; Australian release 14 January 2010; musical

It isn't a masterpiece, but it is a good-hearted, sweet comedy, featuring an overland chase that isn't original but sure is energetic. Roger Ebert.

Rachel Perkins directs with a sense of fun and all the creatives provide valuable support in design, music and cinematography - the latter by the talented and multi-award winning Andrew Lesnie, whose lighting works beautifully in all scenes, including some challenging external and interior moments. Andrew L. Urban, Urban Cinefile.

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