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Broken (Damian Fasolo, 2017) wr. prod. dp. ed. Damian Fasolo; Nicholas Starte, Karli Rae Grogan, Shyla Vivian; a father struggles to come to terms with the discovery of his wife's affair; WA; available from youtube

This is a fine film, which has not been released, presumably because the producers could not finance the P&A — which is a pity.

I think it’s superb.  I particularly admire the cinematography and editing.  For me, there's a WOW reaction in just about every shot.  It’s been a while since I so much enjoyed just looking at a film.  Even just a linking scene, like a car driving away from us under the streetlights, was a positive aesthetic experience.

I hope the director gets the funding to go on to greatness in another feature.

Garry Gillard | New: 26 October, 2019 | Now: 10 June, 2023