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Bungala Boys

Bungala Boys (Jim Jeffrey, 1961) Jimar Productions, [British] Children's Film Foundation; from the novel, The New Surf Club, by Claire Meillon; Peter Couldwell, Alan Dearth, Terry Bentley; children's

Pike & Cooper:
This film was the second made in Australia by the British Children's Film Foundation but failed to win the extraordinary popularity of the first, Bush Christmas ([Ralph Smart] 1947). In line with a recurring CFF story formula, the film was an illustration of children's initiative in a worthy group effort, with a final reward of community approbation. ... ... Shot in Australia with local actors and technicians, the film used facilities at the Artransa studios, Sydney. The chief location was Bungan Beach, which Claire Meillon had named Bungala in her original novel, and extensive co-operation was received from lifesaving associations and surf clubs. Pike & Cooper: 231.

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