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Butterfly Crush

Butterfly Crush (Alan Clay, 2010) NZ/Aust copro; Richard Adams, Jennifer Corren, Hayley Fielding, Courtney Hale; drama musical romance

Life is definitely too short to watch Butterfly Crush (Alan Clay, 2010). The poster says it's 'A New Aussie Film' – but everyone in it sounds Kiwi. The first couple of scenes were enough to establish that the two girls are a song-and-dance act that is not very good. Nor are the actresses, who are not good-looking and can't act (or sing and dance) much. Add to that the very poor quality of the image on the commercial DVD I bought, and you have an unwatchable film.

... contains many strange tics that would have been ironed out if it had been a more mainstream production. ... bonkers plot and sometimes ropey acting ... Christine Powley, Otago Daily Times.

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