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Cedar Boys

Cedar Boys (Serhat Caradee, 2009) wr. Serhat Caradee, dp Peter Holland; Les Chantery, Buddy Dannoun, Rachael Taylor, Martin Henderson, Dan Mor, Bren Foster, Serhat Caradee; Lebanese gangs; Sydney FF 10 June, Aust release 30 July

A journey into the lives of young Middle Eastern men from Sydney's outer west with dreams and desires to better themselves and fit in (IMDb)

Serhat Caradee made Cedar Boys in 26 days over 38 locations, which is a record for an Australian film. (IMDb)

Debuting filmmaker Serhat Caradee has something very definite to say with Cedar Boys. "What initially drew me to this story was a desire to paint a picture of what it's like to be Lebanese in Australia during these sensitive times. I wanted to show how easily young Middle Eastern boys fall into crime: how they are constantly exposed to it, how they are presented with attractive criminal roles models, and how crime can appear to offer the only path to fulfilment and success." Caradee has succeeded completely in his mission, in what is a powerful and gripping story, told with flair and cinematic skill. It's a story with a very clear life saving message for the young Lebanese men who - hopefully - will be drawn to see the film. Andrew L. Urban, urbancinefile

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