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The Convert

Convert, The (Lee Tamahori, tba) wr. Shane Danielsen, prod. Hopscotch Films; NZ; 115 min.

1818: After participating in the slaughter of innocent civilians during an uprising in colonial Ceylon, British soldier Thomas Munro resigns his commission and takes holy orders; soon after he’s on a ship bound for New Zealand, a newly-appointed lay preacher to a fledgling community which has as yet, no protection from the Crown.

Tamahori’s The Convert recently received funding via the New Zealand Film Commission’s (NZFC) Te Puna Kairangi Premium Productions for International Audiences Fund.
Scripted by Shane Danielsen, the film follows Munro, a soldier turned lay preacher who comes to New Zealand to minister to the first colonisers, but is converted by the powerful chief Maianui to serve a different purpose. Lum and Mason produce with Te Kohe Tuhaka, Robin Scholes and Bradford Joseph Te Apatu-o-te-rangi Maaka Haami.

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