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Dead Letter Office

Dead Letter Office (John Ruane, 1998) wr. Deborah Cox; prod. Artist Services, Deborah Cox, Andrew Knight, Denise Patience, Steve Vizard; Miranda Otto (Alice), George DelHoyo (Frank Lopez), Georgina Naidu, Nicholas Bell (Kevin), Syd Brisbane (Peter), Jane Hall (Heather), Jillian O'Dowd (Lizzy), Vanessa Steele (Carmen), Barry Otto

Miranda Otto's character is looking for her missing father, played by the actress's father, Barry Otto; they play related characters (niece and uncle) again in South Solitary.

Deceptively slow and almost awkward to begin with, Dead Letter Office gradually but surely sinks its hooks into us, creating characters we care about in the sort of way that one could say is almost old fashioned. Not much happens – on the surface – but there are nuances of suggestion, fleeting emotions registering in the eyes, attitudes reflected in the set of the face, and interactions between people who are as complicated as you and me. ... Terrific images, design and music complete the film. Satisfying, involving and enjoyable, Dead Letter Office does deliver. Andrew L. Urban, Urban Cinefile.

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