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Desert Gold

Desert Gold (Beaumont Smith, 1918) Beaumont Smith's Productions, wr. Beaumont Smith, dp Lacey Percival; Bryce Rowe, Marie Ney, John Cosgrove, Gerald Harcourt, Gilbert Emery, Desert Gold (a horse); 6 reels

This formula horse-racing story, about gangsters trying to nobble the favourite, was primarily an excuse for racing scenes featuring the successful mare, Desert Gold. ... In addition, Beaumont Smith provided some fast-paced melodrama - a race between a car and a train, a fight on horseback in the desert and another on the brink of Echo Point in the Blue Mountains, and a climactic aeroplane flight.
Scenes were shot on location in and around Sydney and at the airforce base at Richmond. The desert scenes were staged on sand dunes at Botany Bay. Distributed by E J Carroll, the film was booked widely by Union Theatres ... In all theatres the film attracted large audiences, and Theatre, 1 November 1919, commended it as offering 'no lack of action' and 'some good race scenes and views of the Blue Mountains'. Pike & Cooper: 88.

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