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Devil Inside

Devil Inside (Jonathan auf der Heide, tba) wr. Tom Holloway, Jonathan auf der Heide; Caitlin Stasey, Ryan Kwanten, Lou Taylor Pucci; In the remote rain forests of Australia, a young couple discovers that the Tasmanian Devil facial tumor disease, an aggressive cancer spread through bite, has jumped species and threatens the fate of the human race.
Stasey plays the role of Eva, a young virologist, who helps the local park ranger (Kwanten) research the Tasmanian Devil Facial Tumor Disease – a contagious cancer that has wiped out nearly 90% of the species population. But when her husband, Alex (Pucci), is bitten by a sickly stray dog, Eva suspects the virus has mutated across species and is causing violent outbursts in the hosts. Infection soon spreads through the locals and Eva must choose between saving the man she loves or the rest of humanity.

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