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Don't Tell

Don't Tell (Tori Garrett, 2017) wr. Anne Brooksbank, James Greville, dp Mark Wareham; Sara West, Aden Young, Jack Thompson; drama; 4 AACTA nominations

With help from a local lawyer (Aden Young), a young abuse survivor Lyndal (Sara West) finds the courage to speak out when having a voice is her only option.

Earnestly told, the strength of Don't Tell is in its unwavering commitment to the notion of truth. A few bits of legal terminology notwithstanding, the story is told through the accurate lens of a legal procedural. ... the reality of the adversarial system and unreliable witnesses play an important role in the pursuit of justice. Yet the structure of the film never allows the Chruch’s defence barrister (Jacqueline McKenzie) to become the villain of the piece, with that role falling on the administrators of Lyndal’s school and perhaps more broadly on the system at large. Richard Gray.

Garry Gillard | New: 6 December, 2017 | Now: 3 April, 2020