Efftee's Australia


Short films produced by or related to Frank Thring [Efftee] Snr

1925 newsreel showing meeting between Thring and W.A. Gibson, co-producer of The Story of the Kelly Gang (1906).

Thring introduces, in 1931, his new films: A Co-Respondent's Course (1931, Diggers (1931), and The Sentimental Bloke (1932).

Melbourne Today (1931), shot by Arthur Higgins, voiceover by Norman Campbell

Catching Crocodiles, Monkman Marvelogue, shot in Carpenteria region

Provincial Cities of Australia: Ballarat, Victoria, 1931, doco on Ballarat, shot by Arthur Higgins, directed by Thring

Dr William Maloney (1894-1940), an illegitimate child and Labor Party founder, makes a statement on his 80th birthday, mainly about the legal status of illegitmate children.

Wedge-Tailed Eagle, doco, with David Fleay

Sheepmates (not completed} excerpt with Campbell Copelin in the main role

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