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Erskineville Kings

Erskineville Kings (Alan White, 1999) wr. Anik Chooney [aka Marty Denniss], dp John Saffield, prod. Julio Caro, Alan White; Marty Denniss (Barky), Hugh Jackman (Wace), Aaron Blabey, Joel Edgerton, Leah Vandenberg, Marin Mimic; the brothers are men now, but discuss intensely their relationships with their mother and father

This is one of the most strikingly photographed Australian films in a long time: image after image of the inner-suburban streets and houses are beautifully framed and shot like a series of evocative still lifes. ... Erskineville Kings has a stagey feel to it – but the screenplay, by Anik Chooney – (the real name of lead actor Marty Denniss) – is an original, albeit a wordy and literal one. David Stratton, The Movie Show, SBS.

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