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Feed (Brett Leonard, 2005) prod. Jack Thompson, Honour Bright Productions, conceived by Patrick Thompson, Alex O'Lachlan; Jack Thompson, Alex O'Lachlan, Patrick Thompson, Connor Thompson; thriller about cyber crime and men obsessed with morbidly obese women

Seeing Feed has rendered me speechless for days. Flimsy excuse: it’s just another fatsploitation film. About a perversion that’s not in Psychopathia Sexualis (yes, I've read it).

... a hackneyed detective vehicle built to probe the lurid habits of feeders and gainers - the fetishistic subculture of morbidly obese women and the men who derive pleasure from serving them ever more food. A bed-ridden plot and an undercooked script keep things lean on the entertainment front, but there's still plenty to chew on beside the extreme squirms and shocks. Jonathan Trout, BBCi.

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