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Felony (Matthew Saville, 2013) wr Joel Edgerton, prod. Rosemary Blight; Joel Edgerton, Melissa George, Jai Courtney; thriller

[Felony] ... is smart enough to send us – and the film – in unexpected directions. ... Concerning as it does a conspiracy amongst Australian cops you might expect this drama, both written by and starring Joel Edgerton, to be a violent, brawny study in machismo. Instead it takes a number of familiar ideas and quietly nudges them into fresh territory. The emphasis being on 'quietly.' ... One man is guilty of a crime, one tries to cover it up, and one tries to expose it — the collisions of these characters make for one of the year's best thrillers. Paul MacInnes, The Guardian.

[after the first half] ... all the intrigue fades away as you begin to realise there is nothing left for the story to tell. Brad Bravet, Rope of Silicon.

Quotations from reviews are from Don Groves, 'Matt Saville's Felony wins plaudits in Toronto', IF: see the article for many responses.

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