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A Few Best Men

A Few Best Men (Stephan Elliott, 2012) comedy; Laura Brent, Xavier Samuel, Kris Marshall

Stephan Elliott is back! And I'm delighted! OK, Woop Woop was a bit OTT, but Stephan is now back to the great form of Frauds and Priscilla. And once again we have someone in Australia successfully making the most difficult artform of all: the feature comedy film, in A Few Best Men.

... Hmm. I wrote that before I'd actually seen the film. When I did see it I was underwhelmed - and disappointed.

The director of The Adventures of Priscilla provides more than a few belly laughs amid all the amiable silliness of this trouble-prone wedding which is given extra dimension by the beautiful Blue Mountains settings. David Stratton, At the Movies

Elliott ... makes it seem deceptively easy to bring home the comic bacon ... or should that be ride on the sheep's back. ...
He has matured significantly as a filmmaker, seen in the way he crafts and welds scenes together (with help from editor Sue Blainey) and how he directs his well chosen cast. Andrew Urban, urbancinefile

See also: A Few Less Men, which is worse.

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