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Flirting (John Duigan, 1991) Noah Taylor (Danny Embling), Thandie Newton (Thandiwe Adjewa), Nicole Kidman (Nicola Radcliffe), Naomi Watts

One of Duigan's two films on sexual awakening in the Australian countryside, it has no fewer than four actors who went on to Hollywood.
This was the film on which Duigan met Thandie Newton. See the Wikipedia article, and other stories in the Daily Mail and The Telegraph.
Characters played by Kidman, Newton and Watts arguably form a group of three teenagers, at least for the purposes of the film's poster.

Danny has been sent to boarding school, in this sequel to The Year My Voice Broke. Against a backdrop of bullying and sadistic teachers Danny strikes up an affair with an African girl, Thandiwe, studying at a nearby girls school. IMDb.

Flirting flirts with the other-worldliness of experiences that are sexual, emotional and sensory, in a continum with what is perceived as the real, wider world. Raffaele Caputo, Murray: 313.

See also: Interview with Thandie Newton in Vulture.

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