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The Gateway

Gateway, The (John V. Soto, 2018) aka Alpha Gateway (US), Loved You Twice (working); wr. John V. Soto, Michael White; prod. Deidre Kitcher, Filmscope Entertainment; Jacqueline McKenzie, Hayley McElhinney, Myles Pollard, Shannon Berry, Ben Mortley, Ryan Panizza; scifi; WA

The Gateway has a nice balance between empathetic realism, science-y stuff, and scariness. It's a very successful film. If that sounds a bit patronising, let me say instead that I enjoyed this imaginative experience. Great ending too.

Synopsis: Particle physicist Jane Chandler is happily married to writer Matt. Together with her lab assistant Regg, Jane experiments with matter teleportation. Later, tragedy strikes: Matt is killed in a car crash. Grieving, Jane falls to pieces. But a few weeks later comes a ray of hope when Jane finds a way to teleport herself to a parallel world where she finds another version of Matt. But this is a very different Matt and before long she realises she’s made a terrible mistake and must find a way to send him back to save her family.

... with The Gateway the Western Australian filmmaker has delivered his best film yet, a sci-fi thriller that pulls off presenting big ideas on a small budget, with plenty of pointed drama adding stakes to a dimension hopping narrative. ... This melding of Hitchcockian thriller and sci-fi smarts works very well due to the strong performances of its cast. McKenzie does a great job in portraying the desperate mindset of a grief-stricken wife, mother and scientist, whose emotional turmoil overcomes her intelligent mind. Matthew Pejkovic.

As a director and co-writer, Soto proves himself adept at handling some rather complex themes in Alpha Gateway that one could only imagine would come across even better if a larger budget would allow for it. The tightness of the budget in this film does hinder at times the expansiveness of the world that this story wants to break out into, but regardless, we are given some fantastic performances from the leads. Brandon A. Duhamel.

The Gateway has been made on a low-budget in Australia by John V. Soto who had previously made the horror films Crush (2009) and Needle (2010) and the thriller The Reckoning (2014). Soto’s direction is routine and unimaginative in every regard. He feels exactly like a tv director who plans his shots by the textbook and gets everything over and done with with a minimum of fuss and an entire lack of personal engagement before moving on to the next set-up. Richard Scheib.

Garry Gillard | New: 15 August, 2018 | Now: 6 April, 2020