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The Gentleman Bushranger

The Gentleman Bushranger (Beaumont Smith, 1921) Beaumont Smith's Productions, wr. Beaumont Smith, from Roderic Quinn story, 'A Stripe for Trooper Casey'; Tal Ordell, John Cosgrove, Robert MacKinnon, Henry Lawson; 6000 ft

Distributed by Smith himself in both Australia and New Zealand, the film was 'tried out' at Bowral and Mittagong on 26 December 1921 and premiered in Auckland, New Zealand, on 3 February 1922. It opened in Sydney at the Crystal Palace on 4 March, and proved to be another of Smith's profitable ventures. Reviews, however, betrayed his slapdash methods, and Smith's Weekly, 1 April 1922, commented on several anachronisms: despite the setting of 1857, 'one of the heroines flashes upon the screen garbed in the latest riding-habit from Temptation Row [and] the Chief of Police wears the silver braid upon the peak of his cap, introduced a couple of years ago'. Pike & Cooper: 111.

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