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Going Down

Going Down (Haydn Keenan, 1982) prod. Haydn Keenan for X-Productions, Julie Barry, wr. Melissa Woods, Moira MacLaine-Cross, Julie Barry, dp Malcolm Richards, music Lloyd Carrick, design Melody Cooper, ed. Paul Healey; Tracy Mann, Vera Plevnik, Julie Barry, Moira Maclaine Cross, Esben Storm, David Argue, Ian Gilmore, Lou Brown, Mercia Deane Johns, Ian Nimmo, Henk Johannes, Michael Callaghan, Tim Burns, Anna Healy-North, Richard Brennan, Richard Moir, Ralph Cotterill, Hugh Keays-Byrne, Julie Allan, Steve J. Spears, Barbara Fitzgerald, Leila Blake, Charles Watersteet, Bill Vincent, Micki Gardner, Gary Foley, Zac Martin, Maurice Finkelstein, David Bracks, Claudia Karvan; comedy-drama, three flat-mates; Eastman colour, 35mm, 90 min.

Adrian Martin:
Not only is Going Down unarguably a key work in the history of independent feature filmmaking in Australia for the way it combines and mutually enriches both naturalistic and expressionistic approaches to narrative cinema; it is also, in its own terms, one of the finest and most memorable films made in Australia.

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