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Gold (Anthony Hayes, 2022) Zac Efron, Akuol Ngot, Thiik Biar, Susie Porter, Anthony Hayes

Luke Buckmaster:
Gold is a minimalistic production, story and setting wise, with an interesting kind of contextual ambiguity: we know there is a wider world beyond the frame, though we don’t know what it looks like. Sparseness is intriguing, but this film is so damn sparse. With so little going on, for such a long time, the experience becomes gratingly thin. I admired the craft of Gold but left feeling cold – unlike, of course, Efron, who is cooked like an overripe piece of fruit tossed into an incinerator. The Guardian.

Garry Gillard | New: 26 January, 2023 | Now: 26 January, 2023