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The Great Mint Swindle

Great Mint Swindle, The (Geoff Bennett, 2012) wr. Paul Bennett, Reg Cribb, dp Bruce Young; Grant Bowler, Todd Lasance, Josh Quong Tart, Shane Bourne, John Batchelor, Maya Stange, Jenny Davis, Michael Loney, Stuart Halusz, Igor Sas, James Hagan; telemovie made for Channel 9 2012; 95 min.

Unlike the 1983 telemovie The Great Gold Swindle (John Power, 1984) – which showed the Mickelbergs doing the crimes and so justly going to gaol at the end – the later version, The Great Mint Swindle (Geoff Bennett, 2012), tho showing the details of the crime in great detail – as narrated by the Peter Mickelberg character! (Todd Lasance) – suggests that the brothers did only the nugget fraud, but not the big one. It’s a strange choice of a way to tell the story of something someone didn’t do – to have him tell how to do it.

Garry Gillard | New: 20 October, 2012 | Now: 6 April, 2020