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Greenhide (Charles Chauvel, 1926) Elsa Chauvel (as Elsie Sylvaney), Gerald Barlow, Irma Dearden; drama; Charles and Elsa Chauvel met on this film and were married in 1927


Irma Dearden in Greenhide

In Chauvel's first feature, The Moth Of Moonbi (1926), a country girl had tasted life in the city. In Greenhide the story was reversed. ... Characteristically, Chauvel travelled far to find locations for the film and took care to stress them prominently both in the action and his promotion of the film. ... The cast was led by Elsie Sylvaney (born Elsie Wilcox in 1898), a young actress from the Brisbane stage, who became engaged to Chauvel during production and married him in June the next year; as Elsa Chauvel, she collaborated with him in film production thereafter. ... In 1928 the Chauvels departed for Hollywood with prints of their two films, but found that talkies were now starting to dominate the film trade. After a year they returned to Australia, and Charles worked as a cinema manager in Melbourne before moving back to Queensland to prepare the script for his first talkie, In The Wake Of The Bounty (1933). Pike & Cooper: 135.

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