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Griff the Invisible

Griff the Invisible (Leon Ford, 2010) Ryan Kwanten, Maeve Dermody, Marshall Napier; romcom drama

I had three goes over three nights at Leon Ford’s film before I got to the end, going to sleep twice and having the commentary on and off, so I never really got the point. All I’ve retained is that both Ryan Kwanten and Maeve Dermody to me look plain and act banally, but maybe it was the photographer’s fault – or intention! So my opinion is not worth much: I just wanted to record that I did try hard to take it in, but failed.

All the cast is good and Kwanten and Dermody ground the film with superb, nuanced performances while Ford navigates the story through harsh reality and seductive fantasy in an appealing way. Louise Keller, urban cinefile.

The film has heart and it has whimsy (a rare commodity in Australian films) with a playful tone that doesn’t try to convince us through overt naturalism that we are seeing real life. It’s a bit like a parable, told with tongue in cheek. You buy it or you don’t. I buy it. Andrew L Urban, urban cinefile.

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