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Gringo (Nash Edgerton, 2018) wr. Anthony Tambakis, Matthew Stone, prod. Rebecca Yeldham, Nash Edgerton; Joel Edgerton, Charlize Theron, David Oyelowo, Thandie Newton; comedy

Synopsis: Particle physicist Jane Chandler is happily married to writer Matt. Together with her lab assistant Regg, Jane experiments with matter teleportation. Later, tragedy strikes: Matt is killed in a car crash. Grieving, Jane falls to pieces. But a few weeks later comes a ray of hope when Jane finds a way to teleport herself to a parallel world where she finds another version of Matt. But this is a very different Matt and before long she realises she’s made a terrible mistake and must find a way to send him back to save her family.

Garry Gillard | New: 15 August, 2018 | Now: 6 April, 2020