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Hail (Amiel Courtin-Wilson, 2011) Leanne Campbell, Daniel P. Jones, Tony Markulin; drama

In some cinematic twilight zone between documentary and fiction, Hail is both character portrait and social documentary, as Amiel Courtin-Wilson captures a snapshot of Daniel P Jones' life. It comes after the two men had known each other for some time, and clearly a great deal of trust has been established, on the evidence of this film. Andrew L. Urban, Urban Cinefile.

There is no doubting Amiel Courtin-Wilson as an artist of great purity and discipline. Working with cinematographer Germain McMicking and editor Peter Sciberras, not to mention the composer Steve Benwell and sound designer Robert McKenzie, he has created a life on screen of such verisimilitude, such power, containing both brutality and beauty, that you will be transfixed. Perhaps not a film for the faint-hearted, it is nevertheless an important entry into the Australian film landscape. Margaret Pomeranz, At the Movies.

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