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Idiot Box

Idiot Box (David Caesar, 1996) wr. David Caesar, prod. Nicki Roller, Glenys Rowe; Ben Mendelsohn (Kev), Jeremy Sims (Mick), John Polson (Jonah), Susie Porter (Betty); Kev and Mick rob a bank cos it seems like a good idea at the time; 82 min.

A sordid little tale; but a beautifully crafted film: it's what Caesar does.

Bravura use of sound and music, camera angles that make-you-look-you-dirty-chook, lighting without fear, and a total belief in the script all help drive the film with energy and pathos in equal measure. ... Idiot Box has what it takes to lurch its audiences on a wild joyride with a couple of bums who - despite themselves - endear themselves to us. Andrew Urban, Urban Cinefile.


Ben Mendelsohn and Jeremy Sims, as the two bored rebels who venture down the wrong side of the tracks, produce outstanding performances. Louise Keller, Urban Cinefile.

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