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I Love You Too

I Love You Too (Daina Reid, 2010) wr. Peter Helliar; Brendan Cowell, Peter Dinklage, Yvonne Strahovski, Megan Gale; comedy

I vaguely remember I Love You Too getting a luke-warm reception when it was on cinema screens last year. Something about subplots, maybe, and Peter Helliar, being the problem? I just had the opportunity to watch it last night – and I did think that PH only had two gears: 'comedian', and 'self', so: not an actor, and don't be in another feature film, please. But it was the other subplot that I found fascinating, and set the movie apart. As always, I'm trying to avoid spoilers, even tho the film is a year old as I write, so I'll stop there. Great to see the saintly John Flaus making an appearance: I hope he was well paid. And also good to see a model cast as (merely) a model: Megan Gale, however, does a good job of crying all over her makeup: well done, that girl! And I shd mention that I saw Rose Byrne's name in the credits for a walk-on role. I don't know what that means in this case: she has a face the camera loves (well, OK, I do) and she should be working with the best lighting-cameramen (DPs) in northern LA. I'll rave on about (huggable) Brendan Cowell in another context.
As you may have gathered, I quite like this film.

Margaret Pomeranz:
There's a problem at the heart of this film and that's the casting and conception and styling of would-be romantic hero Jim. Brendan Cowell is a fine actor but I'm not sure he's suited to rom-com. The premise of any film like this is you actually want her to end up with him. Here you wonder whether she shouldn't get on that plane. Margaret Pomeranz, At the Movies, ABC TV.

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