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The Interview

The Interview (Craig Monahan, 1998) wr. Gordon Davie, Craig Monahan, dp Simon Duggan; Hugo Weaving, Tony Martin, Aaron Jeffrey, Paul Sonkkila; 100 min. At 1998 AFIs won Best Film, Original Screenplay, and Actor.

One room, two men: excellent police procedural on a very small scale.

Here the person being interviewed, Eddie Fleming (Hugo Weaving), turns the tables on the cop—John Steele (Tony Martin)—who is under pressure to deliver a confession and conviction. The ambiguity in this subtle film noir applies to both the cop and the alleged criminal. In other police investigation films, the real interest is often not in the investigation as such, but in the context, or in the characters who are the alleged criminals.

The Interview is gripping entertainment, powerful movie making and thrilling drama; it leaves quite a few questions behind, which is not what we expect from an interview. But there is nothing predictable in this film. You will never see criminals or the police the same way again. Andrew L. Urban, Urban Cinefile.

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