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In the Winter Dark

In the Winter Dark (James Bogle, 1998) prod. Rosemary Blight, wr. Tim Winton (novel), James Bogle & James Rasmussen, dp Martin McGrath; Brenda Blethyn, Ray Barrett, Richard Roxburgh, Miranda Otto

Luke Buckmaster has written a piece about this on which I couldn't improve, so I'll just refer you to that, with a couple of teaser paragraphs, as follows.

... Adapting Tim Winton’s novel In the Winter Dark, Bogle introduces four lonely characters who live in a remote valley. Maurice (Ray Barrett) and Ida Stubbs (Brenda Blethyn) are an elderly couple who never got over the death of their baby son several decades ago. Neighbour Murray (Richard Roxburgh) likes to wander aimlessly and finds Ronnie (Miranda Otto) passed out in a field. She is pregnant and recently abandoned by her boyfriend. ...
At its most visually impressive there are hints of more atmospherically realised works such as the surreal gothic textures of Jane Campion’s The Piano or the overtly dream-like moments in Ray Lawrence’s Bliss. Despite its outdoor settings In the Winter Dark works best as a chamber rather than mood piece, a slightly flabby middle act countered by well-drawn characters and excellent performances. ... The Guardian.

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