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Jack and Jill: A Postscript

Jack and Jill: A Postscript (Phillip Adams, Brian Robinson, 1969) Melbourne, colour, 16 mm, 67 minutes, wr. prod. dp. Phillip Adams and Brian Robinson, music, Peter Best; Lindsay Howatt, Judy Leech, Anthony Ward; AFI Best Film 1969; kindergarten teacher falls for motorbike rider

Phillip Adams’s very first film. As I saw it, it oscillated between a quasi-doco set of sociological observations and a 1960s European art film. You can see what Phil had been watching for the previous decade: Fellini, Truffaut, etc.

The long saga of the film's production began in 1964 when Phillip Adams and Brian Robinson devised the script for a series of brief sketches in which nursery rhymes provided ironic commentaries on modern suburbia. These episodes were later merged to form one continuous narrative, depicting, with shades of The Sentimental Bloke, the tragi-comic clash of two incompatible cultures, as represented by a bikie, Jack, and a kindergarten teacher, Jill. Pike & Cooper: 247.

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