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Joe (Beaumont Smith, 1924) Beaumont Smith's Productions, wr. Beaumont Smith from Joe Wilson stories by Henry Lawson, dp Lacey Percival; Arthur Tauchert, Marie Lorraine, Constance Graham, Gordon Collingridge, Fernande Butler, William Newman, JN Tait; 5000 ft (?)

The plot was based only nominally on Lawson, and owed more to characters and a city-country contrast familiar from Beaumont Smith's slapstick farces. ... Joe received more favourable critical comment than most of Smith's work, and the Bulletin, 28 August 1924, praised it as his best film yet, 'a faithful reflection of the spirit of the pioneers who battle in the open spaces, with a broad vein of humor running through it'. The cast introduced Marie Lorraine (stage name of Isobel McDonagh), who was soon to enter production herself in 1925 with her sisters, Phyllis and Paulette. Pike & Cooper: 121, 122.

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