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Justice (Ron Elliott, 1998) wr. prod. Bob Roget; dop Alex McPhee, music Allan Zavod; Marcus Graham, Kerry Armstrong, Simon Westaway, Jamie Anders, Laura Black, Michael Loney, Dene Irvin, George Shevtsov, Tessa Moncreiff, Rosemarie Lenzo, Andrew S. Gilbert, Kim Fleming, Boris Radmolovic, Igor Sas, Kahren Hampton, Marta Kaczmarek, Andrew Hale, Paul Kristoff, Ewen Leslie, Michele Roget, Paul Roget, Jona Zeschke; West Coast Pictures; shot in Fremantle 1997 including extensive use of the derelict South Fremantle Power Station as a location, begins in Dago Bay in the Harbour, and includes a scene on Monument Hill and maybe one near a Pilot Cottage; no theatrical release; may have been available on VHS

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