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Kadaicha (James Bogle, 1988) aka Stones of Death (US title) prod. David Hannay, wr. Ian Coughlan, dp Stephen F. Windon; Zoe Carides, Deborah Kennedy, Sean Scully; horror, scifi; shot in Furber Place and Davidson High School, Davidson (Sydney) NSW

The world is not a better place for the existence of this film. Sixteen-year-old Zoe Carides is lovely. Director and cinematographer contrive some interesting shots: close-ups of items on a desk, and a shot up through a toilet floor drainhole were notable. The kadaicha man scenes were filmed in a location and set strikingly similar to those towards the end of Peter Weir's The Last Wave, which these film-makers must have seen, but the earlier story and screenplay are much better conceived and written than this one.

Predictable Poltergeist-inspired chiller, with some shonky special effects. Harrison: 79.

The fourth of the Broadbridge-Hannay productions belongs to a sub-genre of the ghost film: the Aboriginal legend film. ... Bogle provides a few good moments of suspense, and the film is lifted out of the routine by some of the actors, especially Sean Scully as the local headmaster. David Stratton: 295-296.

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