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Kid Snow

Kid Snow (Paul Goldman, tba) wr. John Brumpton, Stephen Cleary, prod. Lizzette Atkins, Megan Wynn, Bruno Charlesworth; Phoebe Tonkin, Billy Howle, Tom Bateman, Tasma Walton, Mark Coles Smith, Shaka Cook, Hunter Page-Lochard, Robert Taylor, Nathan Phillips, Jack LaTorre; boxing; WA

This was apparently not made when first proposed in 2012 to be directed by Matthew Saville, but is being shot in 2022, in the Goldfields-Esperance region.

A feature film set in 1970s Western Australia about a washed-up Irish boxer Kid Snow who is offered a rematch against a man he fought ten years ago on a night that changed his life forever. Finally faced with a chance to redeem himself, Kid comes to a crossroads when he meets single mother Sunny and is forced to contemplate a future beyond boxing.

Travis Johnson:
Set in outback 70s Western Australia and the rough-as-guts world of tent boxing, Kid Snow sees a washed-up Irish boxer (Billy Howle) finally given a chance to redeem himself in a rematch against the man who blattered him into the canvas a decade prior. However, a chance encounter with single mother Sunny (Phoebe Tonkin) forces him to imagine a future outside of the ring.
Co-starring Tom Bateman, Hunter Page-Lochard, Mark Coles Smith, and Nathan Phillips, with Paul Goldman (Suburban Mayhem) directing from a script by veteran Aussie actor John Brumpton (Romper Stomper) and Stephen Cleary, this is giving big Sunday Too Far Away vibes, which makes us keen., 3 January 2023.

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