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Kostas (Paul Cox, 1979) prod. Bernard Eddy for Kostas Film Productions, wr. Linda Aronson, from an idea by Paul Cox, dp Vittorio Bernini, music Mikis Theodorakis, design Alan Stubenrauch, ed. John Scott; Takis Emmanuel, Chris Haywood, Wendy Hughes, Kris McQuade, Tony Lewellyn-Jones, John Waters; Kostas is a Greek migrant; Eastman colour, 35mm, 100 min.

I enjoyed Kostas. Not so much for the story as for the filmicity. It includes footage from Cox's 1975 film Island (1975), and I think there is a piece from his student film We Are All Alone My Dear (1975) – but I may be wrong. Clearly one of Cox's best, like my favourite Man of Flowers (1983), and using some of the same techniques (influenced by the Werner Herzog of Jeder für sich [1974]?)

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