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The Last Confession of Alexander Pearce

The Last Confession of Alexander Pearce (Michael James Rowland, 2008) Adrian Dunbar, Ciaran McMenamin, Dan Wyllie, Don Hany; based on true story of convict cannibal in Tasmania; cf. Van Diemen's Land; 60 min.

This historical drama from writer-director Michael James Rowland (whose previous credits include the impressive Lucky Miles) is marvellous and moody. Stylistically, the BBC-ABC-RTE co-production is an unmitigated triumph. Structurally, it's strong too, reconstructing Pearce's grisly cross-country hike from his last confessions. The performances - Ciaran McMenamin as Pearce, Adrian Dunbar as the man who hears his confession and a supporting cast including Don Hany, Dan Wyllie and Chris Haywood - are flawless. Sacha Molitorisz, The Age, 12 February 2009.

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