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Last Ride

Last Ride (Glendyn Ivin, 2009) wr. Mac Gudgeon, novel by Denise Young, dop Grieg Fraser; Tom Russell, Hugo Weaving; yet another film shot in the Stirling Ranges with the support of the SA Film Corporation;official site

I did watch Glendyn Ivin's Last Ride (2009). But it'll take me a little while to come to terms with the experience. It's just as well I'm not a reviewer with a deadline. It's a two-hander. Someone said not to work with animals or children. This child could have been told: not to work with Hugo Weaving. The kid is acted off the screen: it's Hugo's film.

The film is astonishing in its visual beauty; cinematographer Greig Fraser (Snow White and the Huntsman) finds nobility in this arduous journey. As Kev, the veteran actor Weaving gives the performance of lifetime. Roger Ebert.

Hugo Weaving's remarkable acting chemistry forges a character whose amorality and useless nature manage to retain a genuine frail humanity which makes us connect - we can't condone his actions, we see him for what he is: another faulty human. Andrew L. Urban.

Director Glendyn Ivin's feature debut follows his two acclaimed shorts and is a beautifully drawn, moody film filled with poetry, as it describes the troubled relationship between a father and son. It is all at once a road movie and a coming of age story in which murder, curiosity and struggling to survive are key. Louise Keller.

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