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Little Monsters

Little Monsters (Abe Forsyth, 2019) Dave has decided to get over his recent breakup by seeking refuge in his nephew Felix, accompanying him on a school trip, among other things, to be able to get closer to one of the teachers, Miss Caroline. Everything seems normal, at least until a zombie invasion breaks out that will threaten Dave's plans. New horror movie icon Lupita Nyong'o nails it in this blend of comedy and gore.

No one will ever use the word masterpiece to describe Abe Forsythe’s Little Monsters, but the Midnight Premiere audience on Sunday night ate it up to the point that Neon ran out and bought it. I can see why. It’s the kind of bloody, raunchy, silly thing that stays with people willing to stay up until 2 in the morning to watch a zombie flick. In the light of day, it’s a little more flawed than I was hoping, but its leading lady keeps the project moving, and fans of movies that feature brain-eating lurchers should be entertained. Brian Tallerico, Roger Ebert.

Garry Gillard | New: 22 November, 2019 | Now: 22 November, 2019