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Little Tornadoes

Little Tornadoes (Aaron Wilson, 2021) wr. Christos Tsiolkas, Aaron Wilson, dp Stefan Duscio; Robert Menzies, Edwina Wren, Anya Beyersdorf, Khan Chittenden; family drama, set in '71

Luke Buckmaster:
Director Aaron Wilson’s moving small-town drama, which he co-wrote with Christos Tsiolkas, is visually elegant and verbally interesting. There is the voiceover narration reflecting on the migrant experience in 1970s Australia, from a mystery character whose identity is not revealed until well into the runtime. Then there is another voice, one that bounces around the mind of the film’s stoic protagonist, Leo, like a bad memory. Mark Leonard Winter’s outstanding performance as Leo, a gloomy metalworker who is struggling to raise two young children after his wife leaves him, painfully aligns body and soul. The Guardian.

Garry Gillard | New: 11 January, 2023 | Now: 11 January, 2023