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A Long Long Way to Tipperary

A Long Long Way to Tipperary (George Dean, 1914) Higgins Brothers, prod. Ernest Higgins; Adele Inman


Superimposition of Molly reading a letter an imagining the death of her lover

Molly Malone is an Irish colleen in love with Paddy O'Reilly. Despite her entreaties to stay, Paddy goes off to England to better himself. In London he enlists in the British army, and is sent to the front. Meanwhile, a rival for Molly's hand, Mick, tries to woo her, but she rejects him. Mick swears vengeance on Paddy, and Molly has a nightmare in which the men fight. 'The rose leaf' tells her, however, that Paddy is safe, and when he returns a hero, they are joyfully married.
This Irish romance based on the popular wartime song was one of several films produced by the Higgins brothers in Sydney in the early years of the war. Pike& Cooper: 51-52.

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